Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't be afraid to cry

just might be the strangest video I have ever seen...

Abby Miller

Abby Miller is an inspiration to me, she uses her incredible singing talent to send hope out their to people. She helps this little girl forget about her cancers and cares more about others than her self

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Abby Miller

I was on YouTube and I found this amazing 13 year old singer you should look her up, her name is Abby Miller one of my favorites is butterfly fly away.

Make up

You've probably noticed that I have been posting about make up. The girls in those videos use WAY too much make up. If you're in middle school you really DON'T need to use that much. Trust me if you're a middle schooler all you really need is a little mascara and maybe some eye shadow and lip gloss.

Another middle schooler obsessed over make up

wow..... really

Mini Snookie

No one in middle school needs this kind of a look..... LOL..... what is she thinking

The Book....

 Okay so today my friend was in the school bathroom and she was trying to finish up a chapter while going to the bathroom because she is behind on reading so anyway our class is reading Treasure Island. So when she got up to flush the toilet she accidentally dropped her book in the toilet and she had to ask the teacher for another book and tell her what happened. That was the highlight of my day so...... ya.